The Eight Limbs of
the Royal Path

meet your ideal self

This is an integrated program focused on developing a healthy and strong body and mind. The body is, at first, a catalyst for the mind, and it later bkomes the healthy doer of healthy mind commands. Through endurance and learning, you'll develop a peaceful, yet unbreakable soul.


Our Mind&Body Fitness programs are based on neuroscience, psychology, boxing, jiu-jitsu, taichi, yoga, and meditation. To bkome your ideal self, all you need is your determination to join many around the world who believe that only people with a healthy and strong body and mind can create a better world.


More than for any other reason, BKOME was created as a platform to help those less fortunate to bkome their ideal self. If you know of a person or a community in need of help, please let us know, we may find a way to make things happen. 

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