Originally, BKOME was a one-to-one counseling program taken mainly by either very successful professionals over 40 years of age or young adults ready to enter their professional lives. The main aspect of concern was value in society. The former felt the threat of losing value in society, while the latter was afraid of the new to come and where afraid not to have what the professional world would demand from them, or couldn’t find out what their true value was at such early stage in life.


Later, people feeling unsettled form some obscure reasons also reached out. Their issues have to do with life balance, and some mental and physical work did the trick.


The issue for these three groups of people was lifestyles and their narratives about their own realities. How they imagined and told their own story. When they came to me, the story was negative. My contribution was to help them change that narrative so that they can be on their way with positive energy.


Every person is different, and yet, every human being responds more or less in the same way to certain stimuli. Doing sports is one of those stimuli that do good to us. Hence, an important part of my counseling was to advise people to do sports. I have practice sports all my life, and that surely contributes to my overall happiness and self-confidence. You take sports away from me, and I am down.

That is how the physical part of the fitness entered BKOME. Doing exercise was an integral part of the counseling program, but not just any exercise. The same as the mind, I wanted to help people get fit from inside out and so, the group of physical moves developed for BKOME serves that purpose.


But physical fitness is not enough. The world is full of physically strong individuals who, being emotionally or mentally unbalanced, are rather dangerous for themselves and for society at large. So, it was crucial to include something for the mind, which after all, is the spark of our actions.


As the intention of BKOME is to help people to reshape the narrative of their lives, present and future, the mental part of the program took shape. This is the most important part of BKOME, the training of the mind, together with physical exercises, stimulates the release of positive hormones. This creates a snowball effect of positive energy that revitalizes us and gets us fit because our body, mind, and soul are fit.


In that process, and because of its integrated nature, BKOME turned into a program suitable for everybody regardless of age, gender, or current physical condition. Literarily everybody can benefit from this program because it is an integrated system including body and mind fitness, which in turn feeds our soul.


Some people can use BKOME to get fit for the uncertain future, others to get back on the road feeling strong once again, some others to develop capacities they didn’t have before, those who have lost some physical capabilities due to accidents or diseases may benefit to overcome the trauma and develop those capacities somewhere else in their bodies. The rest of us could use it to keep our body, minds and souls healthy.

Think of BKOME as part of your lifestyle necessary to prevent health problems, a brake to get rid of the daily stress, or the treatment to get you back on your feet and continue your journey with new energy.


I am a behavioral scientist and cross-cultural analyst, and I am passionate about human behavior. At some point in my life, I was interested in finding the neurological roots of human behavior, and I did it. Now I apply my multidisciplinary background to help people find their true potential and get back to their path towards happiness.

My professional background also includes five years in journalism, three years in diplomacy, twenty-two years of industry experience and international trade, five years in globalization, sustainability and organizational development; four years in higher education, and ten years consulting in globalization and international cooperation issues. He has spent over thirty years helping people of different demographics to discover their potential

I hold a Ph.D. in Business Administration focused on Organizational Cross-Cultural Conflict Management, and a Masters Degree on the Social Psychology of Advertising. Besides, I have conducted studies in Psychology, Social Psychology, and Neurology. I am a lifetime sportsman having practiced Judo, boxing, Taichi, ChiGong, Baji, BaDuanChing and Jiu-Jitsu.

My contribution to industry and academia

- Author of 8 Egos at Work, A handbook for better leadership, and a happier, more productive life at work… and anywhere else.

- 5 Stages Creativity & Innovation Development System

- Integration Management System


- MÉTODO Model for organizational diagnosis


- Comfort Theory of Economic Failure

- Context–Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy 

- PsychMarketing – the psychology and neuro activity of decision making

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