LIVE A GREAT LIFE is one of my upcoming series of books addressing different stages of human life, the book is its final stage of writing, but given the stress that the current Covid-19 Pandemic is putting on the survival of otherwise healthy relationships, I considered it important to take an excerpt of the book on Couples


Many couples have already fallen apart, and many others are just waiting for the world reopening to flee; some others, hopefully the many, are still working together in the search for a way to survive the tension of being physically together for such a long uninterrupted timeframe. 


This handbook on provides practical adivce to spice your relationship up and, if under risk of crahsing, to save it. The text is cognitive in nature with no technical jargon; it’s written in simple language so that everybody is able to understand the content and use it to fire up his or her relationship.

LIVE A GREAT LIFE AS A COUPLE ePub –a humble contribution to society–


© 2017 by Dr. Miguel Cerna BKOME