The scientific principles of BKOME

BKOME concentrates on the body joints and muscles we don´t move very often, and on putting at work as many body parts and the mind as possible at the same time. Here is why...

The Mind

The mind is the start of everything you decide to do

Change your story = Change your life

A physical effort will help you face a challenge and accept change,

that is why the physical part of it is so important.

The Brain

The brain functions on the basis of "USE IT OR LOSE IT"

Physical moves stimulate brain activity, which in turn brings your full body back to its functioning state.


The more activity we carry on at one time, the more neuro activity there is

The more neuro activity there is,

the more new neurons we create,

and the more neuro fertilizers we create

the healthier we are... in every sense

The body

The more consistent we are with exercising,

the stronger our immune system;

the more we oxygenize the body and the brain,

the better we eliminate toxins;
the better our cardiovascular system

the fresher our skin;

the fitter our muscles

the stronger we remain;

the happier we feel,

the more self-confident we bkome;

the more prepared we are to face challenges in life,

the better we look...

and it feels good to look good


Food, Excercise, Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep.