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Unprecedented timesDr. Miguel Cerna
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We are living times with no precedent for any currently living generation, times of a pandemic that is testing our strengths and intelligence as individuals, couples, families, countries, and as a race.

Our losses are many, the greatest loss among all being the death of our beloved ones. At the time of recording this message, Oct. 25, 2020, 1,155,558 people are dead. People to whom we will never talk or give a hug again. Many have lost their jobs and money, many have been cast away. But regardless of all our losses, we can not lose our hope and our faith.

And most important than anything else, in such hard times, we cannot stay still waiting for a miracle or for someone else to do something that will save us all; we have to work individually and together in the creation of safer, healthier, and more sustainable societies.


The world, as we knew it before the pandemic, has failed us, our systems have failed us, we, as individuals, have failed ourselves. But the time has come to say NO MORE. Today is the time to start re-creating our world, and every one of us has a role to play. And to be able to contribute, each of us regardless of age, gender, or any other demographics, has to develop strong and healthy bodies and minds.

This podcast series is a humble contribution to creating a healthier and happier life for everybody. From now until the end of the year 2020, all episodes are open free of charge to all those who wish to find food for thought while walking the road to creating the ideal self. One new and five previous episodes will be posted every week.

Feel free to spread the love with those you care for and also feel free to send me a message and share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with the community.

Congratulations on your decision to keep moving towards bkoming your ideal self.
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