Dr. Miguel A. Cerna​

My passion is human behavior, I observe it, study it, and explain it. It is the core of all my academic, literary, and arts productions. I apply my knowledge about it at work and everywhere else, and it has been the inspiration for creating BKOME.

I believe that every human being is capable to become anything he or she wants and that all of us are responsible, individually and as groups, to make the world a better place to live.

BKOME is my humble contribution to society. This program came to life in 2017, after about ten years in the making. I hope many would benefit from the practices and methodologies I provided. 

Academic and professional background

Behavioral Scientist & Cross-Cultural Conflict Analyst

Founder of Alternatives-A www.alternatives-a.com


Behavioral Psychology, Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution, Social Psychology of Advertising, Neuroscience & Neuromarketing, Physiology, English, and Mandarin languages. 

Contributions to academia and society

Author of 8 EGOS AT WORK, A handbook to better leadership and a happier, more productive, life at work... and anywhere else

Developer of METODO, a system for organizational integration

Developer of the Comfort Theory of Economic Crisis

Developer of Context–Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy

Deveoper of the 5 Stages Creativity & Innovation Development System  

Founder of BKOME www.bkome.org

Professional life

by the year 2020, I had 35 years of professional life including journalism, diplomacy, international trade, organizational development, globalization systems, conflict resolution, higher education, consulting, and coaching.

I have been practicing sports ever since I was six years of age, having trained in Judo, boxing, Baji, Baduanjin, Tai Chi, Yoga, and currently, Jiu-Jitsu.

Besides, I've been producing art in different forms from 1982 including silverware, painting, photography, and digital arts.

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