meet your ideal self

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

BKOME is a holistic Body, Mind, and Soul fitness program suitable for everybody regardless of age, gender, or current physical condition.

Through physical exercise as a catalyst, we will develop the capacity to overcome the mental challenges that prevent us from bkoming our ideal self. With us you will master the Trilogy of Personal Success: Mind Strength, Physical Power, and Skills Set.


Along the path, we will engage in:

1) Physical exercise to activate cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscles, You will also improve your coordination and reaction ability, and boost your brain's intake of oxygen.

2) Mental challenges to get you tougher. The mind, that intangible something, is the key to bkoming your ideal self.

3) NLP meditation. Take this as daily doses of nutrients for your mind. Here is where you make sure to set a path of life that is entirely yours.


BKOME is a careful integration of neuroscience, cognitive/behavioral psychology, physiology, fighting sports, meditation, and nutrition. 

You will not only develop your physical and mental strengths but also acquire knowledge about the components supporting those strengths.


Simply put, no other fitness programs in the world offers the perfect Mind-Body-Soul balance.

This is a carefully crafted recipe that leads you to meet your Ideal Self.


Mind, Body & Soul in perfect harmony

Mente, Cuerpo & Alma en perfecta harmonía

Suitable for Beginners

Propio para principiantes

Flexible Schedule

Horarios flexibles

Personal Guidance

Guía personalizado

Advanced Techniques

​Técnicas avanzadas

Proven Results

Resultados medibles

Multidisciplinary program

Programa multidisciplinario

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