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Precaución: this is a serious training

why boxing and why fitness

Just as exciting and complete at it is, boxing can be dangerous, therefore, our training is limited to body conditioning and skills learning, it does not include contact.

Once you are mentally and physically ready for more, and if you wish, we will recommend spaces (local and international) where you can go on contact and experience the ring.

This program fits all those looking for hardcore excercise. Everybody from teenage and above is welcomed.

  There is no discrimination of any kind within this age range.

what those into boxing say

Stefanie Candela, Boxing Coach, Belgium

Before I started boxing, I never really was much into sports (or working out in general, for that matter). But, stepping into that boxing gym seven years ago has really been life-changing for me, on more levels than you can imagine. It got me better overall health, physique, and confidence, but it gave me much more than that: inspiration, true friendship, and even love.

Dr. Miguel Cerna, Behavioral Scientist, El Salvador

"Boxing is the most integrated and exciting sport I've ever practiced. That's where the mind and body are put to the maximum test. It elevates me to a higher level of confidence after every training session." (

About BKOME: No other fitness program in the world offers the perfect Mind-Body-Soul balance, which will lead to finding your Ideal Self.


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