meet your ideal self

daily fitness for everybody

1. Full body warm-up

2. cardio

3. Muscles strength and body shape 

4. hatha yoga

5. NLP meditaTION


Training schedule



Trilogy of total fitness


The first and most important element of fitness is a healthy mind. Mental strength is a consequence of your mental health. The world is controlled by people with strong minds, some, not necessarily healthy. If you develop a healthy and unwavering mind, not only everything you want will be possible but also you will do good to yourself and others.

But a strong and healthy mind without a strong and healthy body can shorten our lifetime or limit our active participation, and life is too good to be just an expectant ... We have to move, and the wilder the better!




A strong body is important because it allows us to be an active part of life. For hormonal reasons, moving makes us feel good, and the physical figure that results from exercising also makes us look good, and... It feels good to look good!

But a strong body does not do the job. Human history is full of slaves and emotionally unbalanced people who are physically strong. Only a strong mind can take full advantage of physical strength. Together, the mind and body are the creators of the soul.




This is your essence, the consequence of a healthy and strong mind and body. A good soul, let's call it that way, can only be as good as the body and mind that create it.



No other fitness program in the world offers the perfect Mind-Body-Soul balance, which will lead you to

meeting your Ideal Self.

This program fits everybody from teenage all the way up to 100 years of age.

  There is no discrimination of any kind within this age range.

© 2017 by Dr. Miguel Cerna BKOME